McSlarrow: Stand for Consumer, Embrace Change, Innovate


Get out in the marketplace, tell cable's story and compete. That was NCTA President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow's message to members of the cable industry regarding how they should fight competition from the telcos.

McSlarrow, giving the keynote address at the second general session at the NCTA National Show in Atlanta on Monday, laid out his plan for cable to battle the telcos, especially in the wake of a proposed bill that would ease telcos' entry into the video business by setting up a national franchising system.

"Our entire industry has to stand up and fight, and as we do so, we should convey what we stand for," he said. "Standing for the consumer, embracing change, innovating—that is a winning story and one that I believe is compelling to policymakers. We are a great American success story that has only just begun."

McSlarrow spoke specifically to the video-franchise bill, noting that cable will launch a positive-feeling ad campaign to counter the telcos, referred to in the ads as "phonies."

"No false claim is going to go unchallenged," McSlarrow maintained. “No negative ad campaign is going to go without a response."