McGraw Hill Summit: Philippe Dauman Defends Jon Stewart

Comes in response to NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker's comments from earlier in the day

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman jumped into the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer fray Wednesday, defending the Daily Show host.

"Jon Stewart is a great person and he's very smart and has a connection with the zeitgeist which makes him successful," Dauman said. "It got so much attention because Jon Stewart was one of the few people on air that spoke to what people are thinking out there."

"He did a great job and we're proud to have to have him as part of our family," he added.
Earlier today, NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker said that the exchange between Stewart and Cramer had been 'unfair.'

Cramer and CNBC were criticized on Stewart's show for ignoring the coming crisis on wall street.