McCain Campaign Uses Web After Biden Choice

YouTube, emails used in response to selection of Joe Biden for VP

The campaign of presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain wasted no time taking to the airwaves and the Internet to try and use the pick of Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) against Democratic presumptive nominee Barack Obama.

B&C received its e-mail from the Obama camp Saturday morning at 4:56 a.m. announcing the pick, but the McCain campaign had already sent its e-mail two hours earlier pointing to Biden's campaign comments about OBama's inexperience.

By 1:30 p.m. Saturday, the McCain camp already had a TV spot posted on YouTube (below) driving home that point. By Sunday, the video had over a half-million hits.

The McCain campaign also bicycled an e-mail to journalists with scores of "What they're saying about Obama-Biden comments like the following from ABC's Jake Tapper on good Morning American: "Obama is running on the slogan change we can believe in, but the freshman senator selected as his running mate a six-term senate institution, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware." Or this from CNN's Candy Crowley: "[T]he downside is, this is a campaign of change which is selecting a man who's been in the Senate for over three decades."

Obama tried to nip that criticism in the bud, suggesting Saturday that Biden’s decades in the Senate had been spent trying to change Washington.