McCaffrey turns to the movies


Clinton Admistration Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey said last week that he hopes to work with filmmakers to insert antidrug messages into movies, just as the Office of National Drug Control Policy has done with TV shows.

McCaffrey would not give film studios any financial incentive to cooperate with ONDCP. "Science-based messages as part of movies are powerful and culture shaping," McCaffrey told the House subcommittee on criminal justice, drug policy and human resources last week. McCaffrey and ONDCP came under fire last year for giving TV networks PSA credit for placing antidrug messages in some TV programs.

McCaffrey also fended off questions about whether ONDCP was invading people's privacy by using small programs called "cookies" to track user traffic on its major Web sites. McCaffrey said the agency-like the Republican National Committee, House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) and the Federal Trade Commission-is using the cookies only to determine what types of advertisements are effective with frequenters of ONDCP Web sites.