Masterminds Clears 70%


Distributor New Line's off-Court TV series Masterminds is even a firmer go for a fall syndicated launch than the last time we looked, having been picked up by stations representing 70% of the country.

New clearances coming out of the NATPE programming sales convention in Las Vegas include the nearby KVVU Las Vegas; WRBU St. Louis; WVRB Columbia, S.C.; WRBJ Jackson, Miss.; and KCRA and KQCA, both Sacramento, Calif.

The weekly Masterminds looks at "intriguing" crimes and the pros who catch the future cons--"How do 'perfect plans' get formed? How do 'can’t miss' heists go wrong?", etc.

The show is being sold on a barter basis, which means stations give up national ad time in the show rather than ponying up cash.