Mashable Making Content With Telemundo, Bravo

Backing by Turner extends reach
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Digital publisher Mashable, now backed by Turner Broadcasting, says it is collaborating with Telemundo and Bravo on original programming, and unveiled new technology to optimize content distribution.

At its first NewFront presentation in New York, Mashable said it planned to produce more than 35 hours per month of original programming for the Facebook Live platform.

Mashable is expanding its El Pulso partnership with Telemundo by producing a new weekly show, El Pulso Live, that will appear on Facebook Live. It will be hosted by Christian Acosta and review technology social chatter among Latinos.

Mashable will debut four short-form digital series working with Bravo TV.

Mashable Studios will work with the young filmmakers behind the DARE short video about a gay teen that went viral 12 years ago, to make a sequel.

A second season of James Veitch’s Scamalot is also being produced.

Mashable says what goes into its content is guided by the predictive analytics in its Velocity Technology Suite, The technology also helps optimize distribution of the content after it is produced.

“At Mashable, we’ve built a mountain of data, and our creatives stand atop the peak, giving them an exponentially better visibility into what content will stand out in the crowded media landscape,” says Robyn Peterson, chief technology officer at Mashable.

“We’re incredibly proud of these technologies and look forward working with Mashable’s branded content team to allow for smarter bets with advertisers’ branded content dollars,” she said.

Mashable says there are three parts to its Velocity technology:

•      Velocity Dashboard, that predicts what’s going viral next across topics and can evaluate years of historical data to mine trends. Velocity’s artificial intelligence is able to understand what pieces of content are related to the same subject matter or storylines, and now tracks the stories produced on that topic to predict the remaining shares left in that topic.

•      Velocity CMS, which is used to create beautiful stories and can predict what content a story will compete on the social web, so that Mashable can make stories that uniquely stand out in this competitive marketplace.

•      Velocity Kg, optimizes content just published, in real-time, so that elements of the story, like the headline, will be optimized for “meaningful shares,” where the most influential users share to their networks.

Turner led a $15 million series C round of funding for Mashable earlier this year and the two companies are collaborating with Turner’s linear networks to extend the reach of Mashable’s content.