Martin's Last Meeting True To Form

FCC to vote on 'analog nightlight' bill
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The FCC under Kevin Martin has been nothing if not consistent in its start times for meetings, which is to say it had yet to start at press time, which meant it was 15 minutes late and counting (it started only 20 minutes late).

That may have been last-minute negotiations over its one bit of business, or it may have been because there were some family members to shepherd in as the commission prepared for a meeting that will include some business, some farewells and a recounting of the accomplishments of the bureaus.

For Martin's last meeting as chairman, the business was all put aside, with the commissioners voting beforehand to implement the "analog nightlight" bill, which allows broadcasters to remain on the air for 30 days past the Feb. 17, 2009, deadline for going all-digital. 

The FCC was under a statutory obligation to come up with the implementation regime by Jan. 15.