Martin Vote Faces Wall of Opposition … Literally

Free Press Sets Up ‘The Wall’ Web Site for Members to Post Their Photos

Anti-media-consolidation activists at Free Press are putting faces to the names of those it is recruiting to blog deregulation.

The group asked members in an e-mail to post their pictures on "The Wall," a site with 589 photos and counting of people who "have taken a public stand for better media."

"Take a stand. Add your photo to The Wall," Free Press program director Alexandra Russell said in an e-mail.

Free Press has been ramping up its campaign, spurred by Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin's planned Dec. 18 vote to loosen the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rules.

"People across the country are building a wall to stop the FCC's plan to let Big Media swallow up more local stations," the e-mail said. "FCC chairman Kevin Martin refuses to listen to the public, but with your help, we can make a statement he can't ignore. Our campaign is gaining momentum, but we need you to join us in our stand against Big Media."