Martin Says Indecency Actions Provide Guidance


FCC Chairman Kevin Martin Friday said he thought the FCC release of a package of indecency actions does provide more direction for broadcasters trying to decide what to air and not to air.

Some critics of the decision had questioned whether finding the F-word in Saving Private Ryan (an intertainment show) not indecent, while finding the F-word in a documentary about people who use that language indecent, did not clarify matters much.

At a press conference Friday, he said: "The commision has released a significant set of orders saying that we got thousand of complaints dealing with these number of shows. These are the ones that we thought were problematical or inappropriate and these are the ones that we said didn't violate our rules, and I think that was more guidance than there was before the orders."`

Anti-indecency activists were happy with the direction the FCC was going.

The American Family Association, which was taking credit for many of the complaints against CBS' Without a Trace ($3.6 million indecency fine against 11 stations that carried it), sent Martin and the other commissioners a "Thank You" note, particularly for hammering Trace.