Maroulis Fans Boycott Idol

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We'll have to keep close track on the Wednesday night ratings, but there's one group out there who thinks they know why American Idol's ratings were down Tuesday night: Constantine Maroulis fans.

They say it was their boycott of the show after the unthinkable ouster of the soulful-eyed singer, whose cover of a chunk of "Bohemian Rapsody" a couple shows back was the closest thing to Freddie Mercury outside of Keane.

After B&C posted a story saying Idol's rating were down from the week before, we were flooded with e-mails from Maroulis fans saying it was their protest.

According to one fan: "The real reason is that Constantine fans on various websites including the Fox message boards held a boycott of American Idol [tuesday night] night in protest of the unfair elimination of Constantine Maroulis."