MAP Maps Out New Structure

Andrew Schwartzman steps down from management role after 30 years.

Andrew J. Schwartzman, president of Media Access Project, is stepping back from his management role to concentrate on legal and policy issues after more than 30 years running the public advocacy nonprofit.

Schwartzman has asked the board to hire a new CEO, with associate director Parul Desai getting an "enhanced role" in the new organizational structure.

Schwartzman says the reorganization is a way to deal with the departure of policy expert Senior VP Harold Feld, who is exiting in January to write a book, among other things.

Schwartzman sees the arrival of a new administration as an opportunity to "go on the offensive.

MAP has been instrumental in numerous challenges to media consolidation, including the FCC's remanded review of media ownership rules and the FCC's ruling that Comcast blocked subscribers' Internet access. It also represents some Hollywood folks in the ongoing legal challenges to the FCC's indecency crackdown.