MAP desperately seeking AOL deal access


In an emergency motion Thursday, Media Access Project asked federal judges to
grant opponents of the Comcast Corp./AT&T Broadband deal access to AT&T
Broadband's confidential Internet-service-provider carriage deal with AOL Time
Warner Inc.

Separately, MAP also asked the FCC to suspend its review of the merger, in
which approval is expected imminently, until the court can rule.

The FCC refused MAP's request Wednesday to review the carriage deal on
grounds that it was irrelevant to the merger review.

MAP suspects, however, that the carriage deal may grant such favorable terms
to AOL that other ISPs may not be able to strike competitive deals for carriage
on either Comcast/AT&T or AOL Time Warner, which, postmerger, will be the
country's Nos. 1 and 2 cable operators.