Manhunt spurs complaint to FCC


The Manhunt story won't go away. On Monday, a second FCC complaint was filed against the UPN reality series and an ex-Navy Seal who was the show's on-air judge is now claiming it was fixed as well.

Both revelations were reported on Web site The, the site that originally broke the story that producers on the reality series had re-taped scenes months after it was originally produced in Hawaii at a public park in Los Angeles. The site reported Monday that a professor at Union University in Jackson, Tenn. has sent a two-page letter to the FCC's Enforcement Bureau in regards to Manhunt.

Prof. Steve Beverly, who has a background in TV game shows, said in his letter to the FCC that the government agency "has a responsibility to define clearly and specifically what deceptions and manipulations occurred" on Manhunt. Beverly's complaint comes less than a month after a former contestant complained to the FCC that she had been defrauded by producers at Paramount Network TV.

The Web site also had an interview Monday with Hash Shaalan, the former Navy SEAL who served as "Judge" on the paint ball war series. Shaalan backed earlier allegations that the show was fixed, saying it was "very deceiving." Manhunt ended its six-week run last Friday on UPN. Paramount and UPN executives had no comment.
- Joe Schlosser