In Major Executive Shuffle, Braun and Rosensweig to Leave Yahoo!


A sweeping reorganization at Yahoo! has led to the long-rumored departure of media group chief Lloyd Braun.

As part of the moves, chief operating officer Dan Rosensweig will also leave the company in March.

With a slumping stock price and a business perceived to be paling in comparison to that of Google and others on many fronts, CEO Terry Semel on Tuesday announced a new structure that will see the organization split into three groups: an Audience Group, an Advertiser and Publisher Group and a Technology group.

Chief financial officer Susan Decker will run the Advertiser and Publisher Group, chief technology officer Farzad Nazem will run the Technology Group, and an Audience Group head was not named.

Hired at Yahoo! two years ago, the former ABC chief’s future at the company was the subject of constant rumors as Braun at first looked poised to bring major original productions into its business model. 

But when the initiative never took off, the company backed off to a focus on more low-key and relatively low-budget programming.