MADD Is Mad About Booze Ads


Citing a new study on alcohol ads and youth, Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants advertisers to promise not to place alcohol ads in TV shows with less than 90% adult audiences. Currently, the industry's standard is no alcohol ads in shows with audiences of 70% or fewer adults.

MADD was responding to a new study released by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth. The study found that alcohol ads had aired in all 15 of the shows most popular with youth ages 12-17, including Survivor, Fear Factor and That 70's Show.

It also found that 12-20-year-olds saw two beer or spirit ads for every three that adults saw, and three alcopop ads for every four that adults saw.
"MADD is not against alcohol advertising, but it is imperative that stricter standards be put in place to protect our children from constant exposure to alcohol messages," said MADD National President Wendy Hamilton.