MacBride named FCC chief of staff


FCC Chairman Michael Powell on Thursday named Marsha MacBride to be his chief of staff.

MacBride formerly served as Powell's legal advisor on mass media matters before becoming a lobbyist for the Walt Disney Co. last year. MacBride also was the executive director for the FCC's Task Force on Year 2000 Conversion when Powell was chairing that effort at the commission. While at Disney, MacBride lobbied the FCC to impose certain conditions on the AOL Time Warner merger.

Besides her brief foray into the private sector at Disney, MacBride has been at the FCC since 1991. She started as an attorney in the political programming branch of the mass media bureau's enforcement division and went on to be acting deputy chief of the cable services bureau, senior legal advisor to the chief of the mass media bureau, and associate chief in the office of engineering and technology. She also served as Commissioner Jim Quello's legal advisor from December 1996 to November 1997.
- Paige Albiniak