Lyons and Horses: Oh, My!


It's hard enough to write items about this channel without lapsing into puns, and now this: The HorseTV Channel announced today that John Lyons has joined the channel in a "grass-roots" marketing role, and we swear that's how the PR release put it.

Lyons is a big name in the horse world. His Perfect Horse magazine has 85,000 subscribers; his common-sense apporach to caring for a horse has a big following; he's co-written 20 books; and he's produced numerous videos and DVDs.

"It is wonderful that the horse world will finally have its own voice," said Lyons of the channel. (What about Mr. Ed? OK, make that "impossible" not to lapse into puns.) He went on to talk about HorseTV's "team," but we will let that one alone.
The channel launches Oct. 27 on cable and satellite but so far can only system will carry it: G Force Cable in Aiken, S.C.