Luxury Gets Its Rich People Back


It might be easy to live in the lap of luxury, but it’s not so easy to put together a TV show about it.

After producer (and King World’s former president of programming) Andy Friendly sold his show Life of Luxury to ABC, he and his production staff thought they were set with exclusive arrangements to peek into the lives of New York real estate mogul Donald Trump, Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson, and talk-show host and reality-show maven Sharon Osbourne. But one Monday, in the course of a single hour, Trump, Branson and Osbourne all backed out, citing scheduling conflicts.

After a significant amount of begging and flower-sending, Friendly got all three back into the show, and, on Monday, Dec. 29, viewers can tune in to see Branson’s private island, tour Trump’s 52-room New York penthouse, and hear Osbourne and her surgeon talk about her $350,000 worth of plastic surgery.

Life of Luxury features Robin Leach, famous for hosting Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and is a production of Andy Friendly Productions.