LPMs Show More Minority Viewing In Detroit, Dallas


Nielsen said Wednesday that side-by-side comparisons of new Local People Meters (LPMs) and the previous diary system in Detroit and Dallas show the new LPMs recording significantly higher viewing levels for African-American audiences.

Most of that boost came in daytime however, with prime time viewing actually down slightly (2%) in the 18-49 demo in Detroit and up slightly in the demo in Dallas (5%).

Daytime, by contrast, was up a whopping 60% in the 18-49 demo in Detroit, and up 40% in Dallas.

The knock on the new meters from some quarters has been that they underreport minority viewing.

Nielsen switched over to the LPMs in those two markets Jan. 5, but for the three previous months used both methods to compare results.

According to those results, African-American viewing was up 24% in Dallas and 21% in Detroit with the meters versus the diary system.