LPMs: Dancing Hot in Top Markets


Young viewers may have a thing for ballroom dancing after all. Out of five big summer reality shows on broadcast TV, ABC's summer smash hit Dancing With the Stars was the highest-rated among younger viewers in seven of the largest TV markets, according to new data from Nielsen Media Research's local people meter (LPM) measurement system.

Dancing With the Stars scored its best marks in Boston, where the show earned a 5.8 rating among 18 to 34 year olds and a 7.9 among 18 to 49s. Philadelphia produced the second-best numbers, a 5.5 in 18 to 34s and a 6.9 among 18 to 49s. Nielsen released demographic ratings data for Dancing With the Stars, along with NBC's I Want To Be a Hilton, CBS' Rock Star: INXS, Fox's Hell's Kitchen and The WB's Beauty & The Geek from its LPMs in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco. Nielsen says it revealed the data to show the value of its new -- and controversial -- PLUM system, which provides daily demographic ratings, as opposed to its old set-top meter and diary system, which only reports demographic data from sweeps periods. With LPMs, Nielsen is able to report demographic ratings from June, which is not a sweeps month. In about 60 of the top markets, July is a sweeps month, but the majority of Nielsen markets do not participate.

In the LPM markets, Fox's culinary reality show Hell's Kitchen, where aspiring chefs vie for a gig as top chef, ranked second. The show served up its best performance in Philadelphia with a 6.1 in 18-34s and a 4.5 in 25-54s. In Washington D.C., it scored a hearty 4.3 in 18-34s.

On the youthful The WB, Beauty & The Geek, where unlikely couples -- a beauty and a brainy guy -- team up, performed best in Chicago (a 3.6 in 18-34s), and Los Angeles and Boston (3.1 in 18-34s).

I Want to Be a Hilton scored its top marks in Philadelphia, a 2.3 in 18-34s and a 2.4 in 18-49s, as did CBS' Rock Star: INXS with a 3.2 in 18-34s and a 3.0 in 18-49s.

San Francisco, which is a market known for lower TV viewing, recorded most of the lowest ratings for the reality shows.