Long arm of KOB


KOB-TV Albuquerque, N.M., reporter Neil Simon helped police to capture a Lebanon,
Tenn., woman accused of the statutory rape and abduction of a 14-year-old boy
she'd home-schooled. She was apprehended after she turned up in New Mexico as
the beneficiary of a local charity.

The station had only done one short voice-over saying that the woman and the
boy were believed to be in the area, but a call came in Dec. 29 from a local
charity that was helping to house a woman in a local hotel while her car was being

After seeing the story on TV, the charity's staff believed her to be fugitive
Cynthia Guthrie, a suspicion that appeared confirmed when she registered under
that name. Guthrie had told the charity she was traveling with her son, visiting
relatives in the area, when her car broke down. They contacted KOB-TV, telling
Simon they had told police, who had given the call low priority. Simon called
Tennessee police, who contacted New Mexico authorities themselves and set the
arrest in motion.

"It was definitely awkward," said Simon, who joined the station late last
year. "Usually, you're not the one calling the police." The police, he said,
explained that they were busy with emergencies, but told him to keep an eye on her
and "if she leaves, to follow her." Simon stayed and got exclusive footage of
the woman's capture at the motel.