Localism Hearings, Take II


Democratic FCC Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps will attend a media town meeting June 28 in Asheville, N.C.

It will be the first since the FCC voted to launch a comprehensive review of its rules, and particularly those primarily deregulatory rule changes remanded by a federal court for further justification or modification.

The Asheville meeting is not one of the the half dozen FCC-sponsored meetings promised as part of the process by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

Copps and Adelstein, in concert with the media reform group Free Press, have conducted their own meetings around the country starting with the first rules in 2003, which would have allowed one owner to have more TV stations in a market and more radio/TV and broadcast/newspaper combos.

At the meetings, the public gets to weigh in on various issues, with the proceedings taped and submitted to the FCC and North Carolina officials.
Both Democratic commissioners, who voted against the old rules, have long argued that the FCC does not do enough outreach on the media ownership issue itself, and that that was one of the reasons it got the first take at the rules wrong, at least in their and the Philadelphia appeals court's opinion.

Among the presenters at the meeting will be Jim Goodmon, president and CEO, Capitol Broadcasting, and Ken Sayler, general manager of Clear Channel Communications.