Local TV News Looks Overseas


According to a new study by the Radio-Television News Director's Foundation, most local TV-station newspeople believe their stations do a good job of integrating international and national news into their newscasts, but they would like to do more international news, including supplementing it with information on their Web sites.

Don't look for a bump up anytime soon, however. The stumbling blocks cited by the same group: news managers say it would be too expensive; producers don't know enough about international affairs; and viewers "don't care about global perspectives."

That despite a finding elsewhere in the study that viewers want more global news coverage, so long as it has a local context.

Not surprisingly, that local context these days is often the Iraq war as it relates to the local men anw women fighting it fra from home. Almost a quarter of international stories on local TV stations are about Iraq.

The entire report, which consists of a newsroom survey, a survey of other studies and a content analysis of a handful of stations, is available at www.rtndf.org/resources/globalperspectives.pdf.