L&O 's Thompson To Shepherd Supreme


Former Senator and current TV star Fred Thompson told CNN Wednesday that he might have to "adjust" his TV schedule if his informal administration posting "pours over into the new season."

Thomson, the former senator from Tennessee and co-star of NBC's franchise drama, Law & Order, has been tapped by the Bush administration to shepherd its eventual nominee for the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor through the process.

Thompson points out that he's got most of the summer off, but he might well need to make those "adjustments." The confirmation process could be a long and messy one if the administration nominates a conservative for the seat, though it is unclear how long Thompson is expected to shepherd.

Production on new episodes is scheduled to begin July 29, but a source said NBC does not anticipate any problem with the production schedule, though they didn't know whether the network was banking on Thompson returning by then or whether the show could be shot to give him some extra time without impacting the schedule.