Liu joins UPN Game Over


Lucy Liu has joined the cast of UPN’s Game Over, a computer-graphics-imgaging-animated comedy
the network has ordered for midseason.

In a show about a family of video-game characters, Liu stars as Raquel, the
secret agent wife and mother.

Liu’s TV credits include Fox’s Ally McBeal, while she’s also starred
in movies Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Seinfeld alumnus Patrick Warburton voices Rip, the family patriarch, who
drives a Grand Prix race car.

Their kids are Billy, voiced by E.G. Daily, and Alice, voiced by Saturday
Night Live
’s Rachel Dratch.

The Smashenburn family also has a 300-pound pet-slash-creature, Turbo, who
is voiced by Artie Lange.

Game Over is produced by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach Productions, with a long
list of executive producers including Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach,
David Sacks, David Goetsch, Jason Venokur and Ross Venokur.