Little Debbie Joins Weather Channel


Little Debbie may start feeling like the Morton Salt Girl, though in this case, when it rains, they snack.

As part of an effort to forge an emotional connection with viewers, The Weather Channel has partnered with McKee Foods to create Weather Channel-branded cartons of Little Debbie snacks.

The packaging rolls out in September on some 50 million Little Debbie pastry cartons, including those for popular items such as Honey Buns, Donut Sticks and Pecan Spinwheels.

During the six-month campaign, boxes will advertise the network’s morning show Your Weather Today and pitch its licensed merchandise including umbrellas and parkas.
They are intended to reach parents who feed their children Little Debbie snacks in the morning, encouraging them to tune in and find out how to best dress their kids for the day. The cartons will include an order form for $25 Weather Channel-branded umbrellas and $45 Weather Channel parkas.

The campaign is part of the channel's effort to distance itself from the image of a dry (and wet) data service.

On Aug. 15, the channel adopted a new tagline “Bringing Weather to Life” and started running nostalgic on-air spots focusing on weather’s impact on life events.

Boosted by tropical storm and hurricane coverage, The Weather Channel’s audience swelled 57% this July over last, averaging 444,000 total viewers in prime.

The network plans other brand-extension campaigns in the coming months.