LIN TV Station to Pull Signal from Cable One

KASA Santa Fe, N.M., At Heart of Retransmission-Consent Squabble

Fox affiliate KASA Santa Fe, N.M., will go dark this weekend, owner LIN TV said, if the broadcaster fails to reach a retransmission-consent agreement with New Mexico cable operator Cable One.

According to LIN, the station group “expects Cable One to discontinue carriage of its television station when the current contract expires Dec. 15.”

LIN reached an agreement with Cable One for sister station KRQE in Albuquerque, N.M., but it said it appears “unlikely to result in a retransmission-consent agreement” for KASA.

“We only want what is fair for our local Fox station,” LIN executive vice president of digital media Gregory M. Schmidt said. “Cable One continues to pay money to niche cable programmers with substantially less viewing.”

Cable One did not return calls on the matter at press time.

In late October, LIN inked a retransmission deal with cable operator MetroCast Cablevision for a pair of LIN-owned stations in New Haven, Conn.