Limbaugh joins ESPN


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is suiting up for a new game, joining
ESPN as a commentator for its National Football League pregame show.

Limbaugh will give the "fans' perspective" on ESPN's weekly Sunday NFL

Limbaugh, a self-described NFL junkie, said, "If I wasn’t doing what I’m
doing, I’d like to run an airport or be involved somehow in the National
Football League."

ESPN introduced him Monday on a conference call with reporters -- a publicity
stunt Limbaugh said he had to be persuaded to do.

For his new gig, Limbaugh won't be on the set of the ESPN show, but either in
an adjoining studio in ESPN's Bristol, Conn., headquarters or via satellite.

During each game, he'll give a one-minute commentary, plus three or four
"challenges" per show, where he weighs in on a football- or game-related

"I am simply going to bring the perspective of the guy watching," Limbaugh
said. "The point is not to irritate or make people mad. I want it to be

Limbaugh has flirted with football before. A few years ago, he tried out to
be a commentator on ABC's Monday Night Football, but the job went to
comedian Dennis Miller.

And, of course, he'll continue to do his radio show.