Lifetime Show Plames Out


The story of outed CIA operative Valerie Plame may still have legs in Hollywood, but don’t look for it to show up on the Lifetime network anytime soon.

Long before Plame and her husband, former ambassador and Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson, signed with Warner Bros. for a film about the administration’s leaking of her identity, Lifetime began developing a series inspired by the couple.

Conceived and written by Sex and the City scribe Amy Harris, The Honorable and Mrs. used the Plame story as a jumping- off point for a series about a CIA agent whose cover is posing as the wife of the United Nations ambassador.

Lifetime touted the series a year ago when it unveiled its development slate.

What with former vice-presidential aide Scooter Libby convicted earlier this month for perjury and obstructing the leak investigation—and Plame herself testifying before Congress—we figured this was a propitious moment for the Lifetime series. Alas, it is not to be.

Harris was unavailable to comment, but according to sources at Lifetime and Fox Television Studios, which was slated to produce the series, the show never got beyond the script stage.

Apparently, it never got beyond a partial script, and, according to a Fox source, the studio was unaware of the Plame connection.

No partisan funny business is suspected, of course. But we’re certain Karl Rove had something to do with it.

With Ben Grossman, P.J. Bednarski and Jim Benson