Lifetime Sees Dead People


Just think of it as Deathtime television.

Cable net Lifetime will debut eerie reality show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, the day day before Halloween.

The limited series, which features the "clairvoyant" Brit, will run for six weeks starting Oct. 30 at 8-9 p.m..

The show follows a day in the life of Williams as she gives readings in her L.A. office, makes house calls, or gives "impromptu" messages from the dead to relatives she runs into on the street.

Sounding eerily like the NBC show, Medium, the series also looks at Williams' home life with husband and child, who "they think already shows an interest in natural healing and talking with spirits."

The show is from Merv Griffin Entertainment and Kimo Jagger Productions, with Griffin, Andrew Yani, Raymond Brune, and Yann Debonne executive producers.