Lifetime Pushes DNA-Backlog Bill


Cable channel Lifetime Television has joined with a number of groups to call on the Senate to hurry up and pass a bill eliminating a backlog of unanalyzed DNA samples from nearly 250,000 rape and murder cases.

Based on the "cold case" hit rate of some states, victims groups estimate the DNA could solve some 67,000 cases.

According to Lifetime, 110,000 viewers have signed an online petition backing the Advancing Justice through DNA Technology Act, which was passed in the House in November and has the support of the Bush Administration, according to Lifetime. Lifetime says it will e-mail all 110,000 signers asking them to call their congressmen and senators.

The call for swift action on the bill was prompted by a Department of Justice Report citing the backlog.

Judiciary Committee and bill co-sponsor Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said yesterday he wanted to move the bill soon.