Lifetime, EchoStar Cease Negotiations


Lifetime Television's attempt to get back on the air at EchoStar's Dish Network failed, with the network declaring that it had ceased negotiations. That means Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network will remain dark on Dish Network, which serves 12 million subscribers.

Late last week EchoStar executives agreed to sit down with the network again. But according to Lifetime, Echostar has not moved from its demand that Lifetime cut license fees. A network spokesman Sunday would not detail any numbers but says that EchoStar wants to reduce Lifetime's license fee by 33%. The spokesman called the cut "draconian" and contends that the network would not be able to afford its spending on original programming and support of women’s issues and groups.

In a statement, Echostar says: "Lifetime has made it clear that further talks will not result in fair rates for our customers. DISH Network will permanently replace the Lifetime Channel by month end, and we are in meaningful discussions now with a number of interesting programmers for a compelling replacement to Lifetime."