Lieberman Targets Food Ads


Presidential candidate and frequent media-marketing critic Joe Lieberman is pledging to sic the Federal Trade Commission and others on "junk-food" marketers if he is elected.

As part of his "Valuing Families" agenda, not to be confused with the other side’s family values agenda, Lieberman yesterday promised to "stand up to the companies that market junk food to children." That will include asking the FTC to investigate marketing practices and whether they are "worsening the obesity epidemic," as well as requiring the disclosure of "relevant nutritional information of foods" in ads targeting children.

"We cannot raise strong and healthy children if the best efforts of good parents all across America are being consistently undercut by corporations looking to profit by spreading bad behavior," he said.

Lieberman said his goal was to inform and protect parents, not censor. His web site pointed out that the candidate in the past had "spurred more research into the developmental effects of electronic media on kids; pushed through legislation putting V-chips in television sets; and prodded the video game industry to adopt a ratings system to help parents make informed choices."

It called the junk food marketing issue "a new challenge to parents."