Lieberman gives Bush six months


Likening it to President Kennedy's pledge to put a man on the moon, Sen.
Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) said a comprehensive broadband-deployment strategy
should be 'a national mission.'

Lieberman said Tuesday that he would introduce legislation next week to force
the Bush administration to formulate a comprehensive broadband-deployment policy
within six months.

Saying decisions are 'piling up' on broadband-deployment issues -- including
'spectrum, competition, rights management, spam, privacy and child protection'
-- Lieberman provided more details on his Broadband Strategy Act of 2002,
including a white paper spelling out the problem and his proposed solutions.

Lieberman said the bill will require the administration to develop a
'coherent, cross-agency broadband strategy to eliminate obstacles, create
incentives and encourage industry innovation.'

In addition to that big-stick bill, Lieberman also plans to follow with more
legislation that will require the Federal Communications Commission to develop a
plan for regulating the Internet; create tax incentives to advance broadband
deployment; and promote infrastructure research and development, particularly in
areas involving education, health care, homeland security and