Liberty Hit Hard By Storm


According to NAB President Eddie Fritts, a former Mississippi broadcaster, station group owner Liberty Corp., which has stations in that state and Louisiana, took a very personal hit from hurricane Katrina.

Ten Liberty staffers lost everything in the storm, including their homes, said Fritts, and yet they continued to come to work to get information out to the community, he said with obvious pride. Among Liberty’s stations is WLOX Biloxi, Miss., which was virtually ground zero for the hurricane’s fury.

Fritts used that commitment as one example of broadcasters’ service to the storm, which he said would be commensurate with the scope of the tragedy, or what the President has just confirmed was--and is--the nation’s worst national disaster.

Fritts did not identify the station, but said another local broadcasters had provided its facilities as a command and control center for the Louisiana Highway Patrol.