Level 3 lobbyist an NTIA candidate


Tricia Paoletta is being considered to run the National Telecommunications
and Information Administration. She is currently a lobbyist for Level 3
Communications Inc., an Internet infrastructure company.

She was Republican telecommunications counsel for the House Commerce
Committee under newly retired ex-chairman Thomas Bliley (R-Va.). She has also
been a Federal Communications Commission staffer and director of
telecommunications trade policy for the Office of the U.S. Trade

The search for an NTIA chief is far from over, though. The Bush transition
team is said to be searching for CEO-level candidates to fill what is certain to
be a prominent but stressful job.

The agency's main task -- finding more spectrum for 'third-generation'
wireless services -- is loaded with what one industry source called 'ticking
time bombs,' including the pending reallocation of broadcast channels, divisions
over eliminating spectrum caps, the reauction of bankrupt NxtWave
Communications' spectrum and efforts to force the military to cede frequencies
to industry.