Letterman Gets Oprah


Oprah Winfrey is putting the countless fat jokes and the Oprah/Uma Academy Awards running gag behind her as she makes her first appearance on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman Dec. 1.

Winfrey, who appeared twice in the 1980s on NBC’s Late Night With David Letterman, has never been a guest on the CBS show.

CBS made a special point of noting Winfrey’s appearance, which comes a day after the November sweeps ends but corresponds to the red-carpet premiere of the Broadway musical, The Color Purple, which she is producing.

The theatrical production is based on the Alice Walker novel, which yielded the 1985 film of the same title, for which Winfrey was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress.

“What a big night that is going to be – not only for us, not only for Oprah, but for Broadway," said Letterman during a taping of his show Monday evening. "You have the big Color Purple Broadway opening, and then right across the street here in this theater, you have Oprah appearing here. I mean, that's what Broadway is all about – it's a street of dreams."

The svelte Oprah's physical size may no longer be monologue material, but Letterman hailed her industry stature with equal vigor.

The comic, who in recent years has made no secret of his desire to have Winfrey as a guest, said: "This just gives you an idea of what a big, big star this really is. She's huge. Put bygones behind us, the water under the bridge, over the dam, wherever water goes – standing in your basement – she's going to be here on this show and it's going to be fantastic."