Let's go to the videotape


North Carolina TV stations faced lawyers' requests for videotape of
a drug raid in Durham in February.

TV stations typically object when asked to provide video that did not appear
on the air.

Attorneys for men arrested in the raid believe the tapes will support
their contention that the raids violated the defendants' constitutional rights.

Judge Orlando F. Hudson has ordered WNCN(TV), WTVD(TV), WRAZ-TV, WRAL-TV and
WLFL(TV) to provide videotapes for his review, during or following a hearing
scheduled for late last week.

Actually, local stations said, only WTVD(TV) was invited on the raid and shot
any footage of it.

Defense lawyers said the inclusion of media to tape the raid supported their
claim that it was unconstitutional.

WTVD is fighting the judge's order, and the channel believes it is protected under
state's shield law from having to hand over the videotape.