Leno to host audience of hopefuls


During his Tuesday-night monologue, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
host Jay Leno invited all legitimate candidates running for governor of
California to be a part of the audience Sept. 22.

"If you’re running, if you’re a legitimate candidate, all 200, we have 300
seats, we’ll let everybody in. And Gary Coleman, don’t worry, we will have a
booster seat," Leno said.

NBC plans to extend formal invitations to all candidates who are still
declaring in the next few days.

Arnold Schwarzenegger told Leno on The Tonight Show last week that he
would run for governor, boosting the show’s ratings to its highest levels since
Today’s Katie Couric swapped places with Leno during May sweeps.
Schwarzenegger has become the front-runner in the recall election, which will
take place Oct. 7.