LeDuff Named Fox Television Stations National Correspondent

Bigger stage for WJBK Detroit’s former New York Times scribe
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Charlie LeDuff, investigative reporter at WJBK Detroit, has been named national news correspondent for Fox Television Stations (FTS), the Fox-owned station group. In addition to leading a series of national news reports on all Fox O&Os called "The Americans with Charlie LeDuff," he will continue his role at WJBK.

“Charlie’s unorthodox storytelling, no holds barred attitude and exceptional wit combine to produce a news product that is unlike any other reporting out there,” said Sharri Berg, senior VP of news operations at FTS.

LeDuff was a writer at the New York Times before moving to television late in 2010. He’s the author of Detroit: An American Autopsy as well as US Guys: The True and Twisted Mind of the American Man. Known for his offbeat delivery and point-of-view-driven storytelling, he whacked a golf ball from one end of Detroit to the other in 2012 to offer a fresh perspective on the city’s decay.

"What does being an American mean? That's what we're doing out there with our cameras, asking: Who are we? Where are we going?” Le Duff said. “We have been traveling from Elko to East Rutherford and have seen the bindings of our civic fabric unraveling: debt, unemployment, fear of the future. Mass migration. Digitization. Globalization. Political polarization. Corporatization. We are hitting the road…the blue highways, the cul-de-sacs, and the corridors of power….in search of ‘America’ and ourselves.”