Latta Introduces FCC Cost-Benefit Bill

Analysis of Benefits and Costs bill mirrors proposal in draft bill circulated by Rep. Walden

Rep. Robert Latta (R-Ohio) has introduced a bill that would
require the FCC to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of proposed rules.

It mirrors one of the proposals in a draft bill
circulated this week by Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), chair of the House
Communications Subcommittee of which Latta is also a member.

"Over-regulations are stifling small businesses' ability
to innovate and create jobs in the United States," Latta said of the
Analysis of Benefits and Costs (or ABC's ) bill. "With the
telecommunications industry driving a significant proportion of the economic
growth in our country, we should make sure the FCC does not produce regulations
that will hamper this sector of the economy."


FCC Reform Bill Unveiled

Would require FCC to justify regulations acording to costs and benefits, survey the state of the marketplace before initiating any new rulemakings