Latino group pans NBC-Telemundo


A day after Paxson Communications said it was attempting to stop the deal,
the National Latino Media Council announced it has petitioned the FCC to deny
approval of the merger.

'We have come to the conclusion that the merger between NBC and Telemundo is
not in the best interest of Latinos and does not serve the public interest,'
chairman Esteban Torres said.

He added that consolidation of the two will hurt
diversity and that NBC's track record with Latinos is not strong.

NBC response: 'NBC's planned acquisition of Telemundo has recieved
wide-spread support within the Latino community. This makes it all the more
regrettable that the National Latino Media Council took this action without
first discussing their concerns with us. Despite this action, moving forward we
encourage an open and productive relationship with the Council.'

A spokesman for the network pointed out that the network
had a 50% increase in the number of on-screen Latino's this season over the
previous season.