Lange Leads Contender Betting


According to offshore online betting site (, Jimmy Lange is a 2-1 favorite to win it all in NBC's boxing reality show, The Contender.

According to the site, when Alfonso Gomez and Peter Manfredo Jr. were paired up Monday night, Contender bets came pouring in. Manfredo was the favorite among betters but Gomez won.

So far, the majority of bets for the million dollar purse are divided among Jesse Brinkley and Ishe Smith from the West bracket and Lange and "Baby Face" Ahmed from the East.

Since the show is taped, will be keeping a close eye out for betting patterns that would suggest insider information.Even though reality shows threaten severe penalties for revealing information, the lure of easy money is a strong one.

Last year, BetUS had to shut down its book on the first season of Apprentice after some concentrated wagers were traced to betters with inside information, said a BetUS spokeswoman.

It will do the same with Contender if it suspects any similar attempt to game the system, said BetUS spokeswoman Crystal Harris.

As if to emphasize Harris' point, competitor closed the book on CBS' Amazing Race Wednesday after noting betting patterns that suggested a leak of insider information.