KVOA Preps for HD News


KVOA Tucson is looking at a late-April launch for high-definition local news, at which point it claims it will be the first Southern Arizona station to offer such fare.

An NBC affiliate owned by Cordillera Communications, KVOA will join a small but growing faction of medium-market stations to do HD news. Those include

WBNS Columbus, OH




“We are dedicated to giving our TV stations the tools they need to provide their viewers the highest quality local newscasts,” stated Cordillera President Terrance Hurley. “By supporting KVOA in its goal of becoming the first local news organization in Tucson to present all of its newscasts in high def, we believe News 4 will continue to lead the market and set the standard in Southern Arizona.”

Cordillera, a subsidiary of the Evening Post Publishing Company in South Carolina, owns 11 stations in six states.