KVBC Las Vegas Changes Call Letters to KSNV

New calls fall in line with Sunbelt siblings

Sunbelt Communications' KVBC Las Vegas has changed its call
letters to KSNV to better reflect the digital era. KVBC was an abbreviation for
former owner Valley Broadcast Company, but the new KSNV reflects the Sunbelt
division known as Southern Nevada Communications.

Manager Lisa Howfield
suggested "broadcast" sounded somewhat
dated in the modern media era. "We thought, why not change, as we're more
than just a broadcast signal," she said.

The new calls now share a template with fellow Sunbelt
properties KRNV Reno and KENV Elko.

An NBC affiliate, KSNV became official July 9 and was marked
with a new graphics package that Howfield describes as "fantastic."
While Howfield said NBC helped with the rebrand by having network stars Al
Roker and Jay Leno state the new calls on Today
and The Tonight Show, viewers in DMA
No. 42 don't typically refer to the station by its calls. "News 3" is
the more common branding.