KTLA Roses To The Occasion


KTLA Los Angeles, a Tribune Broadcasting-owned WB station, is rolling out the rosy carpet for the 2006 Tournament of Roses Parade.

KTLA plans to air the entire parade live in high-definition Jan. 2 and include a Spanish-language simulcast. The program will repeat four times later in the day. This is the 8th year that KTLA has aired the Rose Parade in HD. It is also commercial-free.

Viewers outside the Los Angeles market will be able to tap into its coverage as well.

KTLA’s feed will be picked up by stations including KRON San Francisco, KDAF Dallas, WBZL Miami, KSWB San Diego, KTWB Seattle and WTTV Indianapolis. In addition, the Travel Channel and Discovery HD Theater will simulcast KTLA’s coverage.

The parade has become something of a test event for broadcast technology that can better capture the "pop" of the poppies and brilliance of the begonias. More than a decade ago, it got a 3-D telecast as well.