'Kris,' 'The Real' Dip in Day Two

Both shows mostly holding their own compared to last year and lead-ins


Updated: Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 1:45 pm PT On the second day of their tests on six Fox-owned TV stations, Twentieth's Kris and Warner Bros.' The Real dropped off a bit in ratings averages across their six markets, but both shows are mostly holding their own compared to year-ago time periods and lead-ins, and are turning in decent demographic performances. On Tuesday, Kris lost 9% in households to a 1.0 rating/3 share, while The Real declined 18% to a 0.9/3. Both shows are averaging a 1.0/3 two-day household average across their six metered markets, according to Nielsen Media Research. Even with those drops, The Real is up 38% in households compared to last July and holding steady with its lead-ins. Kris is down 9% compared to last year and even with its lead-ins. That's a much harder job for Kris in New York, however, where Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams on Tuesday turned in a 2.1/7, up 50% from its prior day's performance of a 1.4/5. Among women 25-54 over the first two days, The Real improved 80% from last year to a 0.9/6 and 50% from its lead-ins. Kris gained 14% from last year to a 0.8./5 and held steady with its lead-ins. Among women 18-49, The Real increased 60% from both year-ago and lead-in at a 0.8/6. At a 0.7/5, Kris added 17% from last year and 40% over its lead-ins. Both shows' best performance comes in the country's top market, New York, where the shows air back to back on Fox station WNYW at 11 a.m. and noon. At a 1.5/5 on Tuesday, The Real was up 55% from what repeats of Sony Pictures Television's Dr. Oz averaged last year, and up 67% from Kris, its lead-in. Kris averaged a 1.3/4 in households in New York on Tuesday, up 18% from Monday's performance, but by its final quarter hour had dropped to a 0.9/3. Among women 25-54 in New York, The Real was up 63% from both last year and lead-ins to a 1.3/8, while at a 0.9/5, Kris fell 10% from its year-ago time periods and 44% from Wendy. Across the six markets, The Real's ratings are more consistent across the board, with WSAZ Phoenix giving the show the toughest time. On Tuesday, The Real's ratings dropped 40% in Phoenix to a 0.3/1 from a 0.5/1 on Monday. Kris' numbers are strongest in its four largest markets: New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Phoenix, but the show is barely registering in Minneapolis, where it did a 0.2/1 on Tuesday, and Charlotte, where it got hash marks.