Kraft Mac & Cheese & a Movie


In a Tivo-targeted move to weave the advertising more durably into the fabric of the entertainment content, Kraft will get its products plastered over five nights of TBS' Dinner & a Movie starting July 2.

In addition to graphics and promos, the company is also getting to co-star in the show, with "customized vignettes" featuring "humourous interaction between one of the show's hosts and that night's featured Kraft product."

For example, host Paul Gilmartin July 29 will talk about his trip to the beach with his "girlfriend" Crystal, actually the Kraft drink Crystal Light.

The featured Kraft product will get mentions throughout the show and at the end of each week's episode, a logo encorporating both dinner & a Movie and Kraft will promote the next week's product.

For inquiring minds, here is the lineup of movies/food, plus some suggested tie-ins:

  • July 2--Addams Family Values/Ritz Chips [Thing dipping a chip, perhaps?]
  • July 15--Tommy Boy/Oscar Mayer hot dogs [Some variant of "bite me" might work].
  • July 29--The Wedding Planner/Crystal Light [Bride a bit on the hefty side?]
  • Aug. 6: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider/A.1. Steak Sauce [A rather unappetizing possibility there]
  • Aug. 13: The Whole Nine Yards/Jell-O Sundae Toppers [Any Given Sundae?]