Koppel On Board at NPR, NYT


Ted Koppel has two new gigs.

Koppel will join NPR in a one-year deal in June 2006 as senior news analyst. He’ll contribute to NPR’s radio news programming, as well as to its programming on all new-media platforms.

The New York Times also said Wednesday that Koppel would be joining the paper as a contributing columnist.

Koppel is expected to work with NPR programming about 50 times throughout the year, providing commentary and analysis on programs including radio shows Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Day to Day.

He will also work on news specials and cover breaking news for NPR.

Koppel’s contributions will be featured on NPR’s Web site, NPR.org, and in NPR podcasts.

NPR draws close to 26 million listeners and produces approximately 150 hours of programming on a weekly basis.

Koppel left Nightline last November, hinting he had numerous irons in the fire. In early January, he unveiled a three-year deal with Discovery Channel to produce and host long-form news programming for the network. He was also tapped as managing editor.

NPR says that it will audio simulcast town-hall meetings and events Koppel will cover for Discovery.

Koppel's occasional Times column will first on the Op Ed page beginning Jan. 29.