Knology, Backchannelmedia To Test Clickable TV

Montgomery viewers will rule with remotes

Cable provider Knology has signed
an agreement with Backchannelmedia (BCM) to test BCM's "Clickable TV service"
for viewers in Montgomery, Alabama.

Clickable TV allows viewers to
"bookmark" TV programming and ads that they're interested in. Viewers see small
icons at the bottom of their screen during these "clickable moments," and can
click a button on their remote control to send related content to their email
or a Web portal. Advertisers pay a premium for those clicks.

A handful of stations, including
ones owned by Gray and LIN, have already launched Backchannelmedia tests with
select viewers.

Four stations in Montgomery will
test the BCM software for their viewers in the second quarter of 2010. The
program does not require additional equipment or professional installation in
subscriber homes.

"Knology is committed to offering
its customers enjoyable and useful broadband services. Clickable TV provides a
potential new revenue stream to Knology without increasing consumer costs, and
provides Montgomery customers the entertainment value and convenience of
interactive programming and advertisements," said Knology President/CFO M. Todd
Holt. "We look forward to working with Backchannelmedia as well as the
advertisers and broadcasters in Montgomery to make this a valuable service for
Knology customers."

"The success of Clickable TV
relies on the support of companies like Knology to introduce this technology to
viewers," said Backchannelmedia Chairman/CEO Dan Hassan. "Knology is taking the
lead in the cable industry and deploying interactive technology that will
benefit both its subscribers and advertisers."